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Holy City, Holy Church, Holy People
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( IV ) Holy City 선교청은 Holy City, Holy Church, Holy People을 세워갑니다.

★ The Holy City (그의나라) is HIS Kingdom

너희는 먼저 그의 나라와 그의 의를 구하라 (마 6 : 33)
But Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness (MT 6 : 33)

★ Holy church (그의교회) is HIS Church

너희 몸은 너희가 하나님 께로부터 받은바, 너희가운데 계신 성령의전 인줄을 알지 못하느냐? 너희는 너희것이 아니니라 (고전 6 : 19)
Do you not Know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you. Whom you have received from God ?
you are not your own. (1co : 6 : 19)

★ Holy People (그의 백성) is HIS People

내가 거룩하니 너희도 거룩하라 (벧전 1 : 16)
For it is Writfen, Be Holy because I am Holy (1Pe 1 : 16)
This is the Holy City's Holy church movement

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